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We are Dedicated to Group Fitness Lovers!

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Fall/Winter Season most classes will be held virtually via Google Meets and will be FREE to everyone!

Check our calendar and/or click the Facebook button to join us for updates or class changes.

If you are looking for a fitness class to join you have come to the right place! With several weekly classes available there is something for everyone...

**We are proud to be partnered with Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness, Eastern Oregon University, Cook Memorial Library and the Center for Human Development (CHD) . If you are a member or student, ask for more information on how this partnership will benefit you!

Classes Offered:

  • Zumba

  • Zumba Gold

  • YoPi

  • Barre-lates

  • Barre-HIIT

  • Pilates Refresh

  • Yoga Refresh

* Toddler Time
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We believe there is a group fitness class out there for everyone---the key is to find the one that suits your personality, your needs and your goals. 

Here is our basic guide to help you determine which class you may want to join:

Cardiovascular (Aerobic) Classes

Zumba--International dance fitness using interval style formatting with low and high impact movement for a very sweaty (but fun!) class.

Zumba Gold--A low impact very friendly Zumba class--great for those just starting out or wanting less impact on joints.

Barre-HIIT TM-- Tabata-style intense cross-training with classic barre work for a full-body workout.

Strength Building Classes

YoPi TM -- This is a fusion of classic mat Pilates and flow yoga  to especially strengthen the core.

Barre-HIIT--This class takes the fundamentals of Barre and the killer total workout of HIIT for the most intense burn in 50 minutes! 

Barre-lates TM--This class combines ballet inspired barre work for an effective lower body workout with a twist on classic mat Pilates for a full body challenge

Stretch and Flexibility Classes:

YoPi TM -- Although this class challenges the body, it also focuses on increasing flexibility and stretching all the muscles worked.

Pilates Refresh TM--This class strengthens while increasing flexibility, it ends with restorative stretches to release muscular tension. 

Yoga Refresh TM --This class focuses on aiding muscle recovery and releasing tension in the body and mind.

Cross Training for Athletes (Runners, Cyclists etc.)


Pilates RefreshTM

Barre-lates TM

Yoga Refresh TM



Beginner Friendly Classes

Zumba Gold

Pilates Refresh TM

Yoga Refresh TM

Upcoming Classes

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  • " The gal in back of me this morning, told me I have 'amazing balance'. What I wanted you to know is that before I started Zumba exercising, my balance was poor, becoming less..."
    I have 'amazing balance'.
  • ""I really like the option of taking a variety of classes" "The Instructor's positive and accepting attitudes" "Warm and welcoming atmosphere" "Classes are fun and beneficial ..."
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Liv Fit's Class moved to the Market Place Rooftop and Riverside Park for the Summer Season--check the calendar!