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About Liv Fit LLC

This is a company started in 2008. The mission of Liv Fit LLC is to bring group fitness and dance to the masses 'outside the box'. There are no membership fees or extra's to pay for--participants pay for the classes they want, when they want. Period. All classes offered are in a nontraditional wonderful settings (no mirrors or fitness room vibe). Classes are located in La Grande Oregon.

Services and Classes offered include:


Zumba Gold 



Yoga Refresh


Kids Classes:

Toddler Time (Ages 2-3)



* Classes marked with the TradeMark symbol ( ™) are the intellecual property of Liv Fit LLC and are original classes created by Olivia Westenskow, owner of Liv Fit LLC. Any  of the above stated Trade Marked names or class formats used outside of Liv Fit LLC is prohibited and will be able to be prosecuted by law.


About Me:

Olivia (Liv) Westenskow, Owner of Liv Fit LLC,
Certified Fitness Professional from 2005-Present

My dance education/obessesion began as a small child and only after a 68 ft fall causing major injury to my spine in my teens did I become interested in the fitness world. I use fitness as a tool to strengthen, balance and restore my body so I can live life fully and dance! The classes I teach are all taught from that same focus so others can achieve their desired fitness/life goals working at safe levels as they progress. 

Dance classes like clogging, world and ballroom dance and fitness classes like step aerobics, hi-lo aerobics, aqua fitness, bootcamp and stability ball classes were the type of classes that filled my dance and fitness resume for the 6 years before I stepped out on my own in 2009. Through my years of experience I have developed unique methods of teaching and have used that creativity to design new class formats such as YoPi ? and CrossHIIT?.

I became a AFAA certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and received advanced certifications in Yoga and Pilates as well as a licensed Zumba, Zumba Gold and Zumba Kids instructor.

 I have had the privilege to help train and mentor several local fitness instructors from the La Grande area.

    Aside from my love of dance and fitness I am also the mother of three of the most amazing energetic boys and a miraculously sent little girl. When I am not dancing or teaching classes I love to visit with family/friends, read, write, bake, and travel. When I can combine all of that together--it's heaven!

 Former Zumba Instructors

These women are wonderful friends who took the time and energy in 2012 to learn to subsituite my Zumba classes for me. They all became licenced Zumba instructors in 2012 and thought their licenses have since lapsed, they still have the love and energy for Zumba! If you are fortunate to attend a class with them, they are great to dance behind as they know ALL the moves backwards and forwards literally. :) 


Angie Miller 

Liv's Comments: Energy!!! That is the first word that came to mind when I met Angie. I LOVED having her come to my Zumba classes cause she was always hollering and dancing up a storm. I noticed right away how perfect her timing was and how quickly she memorized all my choreography! When I was thinking about possibly bringing in a sub my husband mentioned Angie and it was like a 'Duh!" moment! I love having her on board!

Photo By Angela Gorham


Angie Miller--  I have been a dancer most of my life and Zumba mixes two of my favorite things, dance and a GREAT work out!  I started attending Olivia's classes a couple of years ago and quickly, like most people, became addicted!  When people ask me about Zumba, they always say "but you are a dancer so you're good at it", but my motto is "as long as you are sweating and smiling the rest doesn't matter!"  

In early 2011 I made some changes in my eating habits and committed myself to running a marathon.    In the last year I have lost nearly 35lbs, completed a sprint triathlon, three 5k races, five 10k races, one 12k race, one 15k trail race, four half marathons and a full marathon.  Zumba was a key component to my cross training!  It improved my cardio which in turn improved my endurance when I was running.  When Liv asked if I would sub for her while she was on maternity leave I jumped at the chance because I certainly couldn't go without Zumba and I knew the rest of her students felt the same way! In March of 2012 I got my Zumba license and have really enjoyed the challenge of going from student to instructor.  

When I am not running or at Zumba I am a full time massage therapist, practicing in La Grande since 2001. I also own a residential and commercial cleaning business called Maid to Order.  I will have been married to my handsome husband, Oscar, for 12 years in June and together we have two of the most incredible little girls you will ever meet!  I do have to say that without the support of my family I wouldn't have been able to make this journey. 


Melinda Walker

Liv's Comments:  Adventurous! That is my word for Melinda. There is no box for Melinda--she is always so ready and willing to go out of her comfort zone and let me tell you: dancing, let along on a stage in front of people; is WAY out of her comfort zone. Or at least it was. She is a natural born leader and her exuberance and love of people and life translate to every move she make in Zumba. She has been known to do Zumba alone at work and everywhere she goes--can anyone say Zumba Addict? ;)  

Photo By Angela Gorham


Melinda Walker

Never ever in ONE MILLION YEARS did I ever think that I would be leading a fitness class, but here I am!  I have struggled with my weight my entire life, was always the heaviest kid in my classes, and let myself feel inadequate because of that for a long, long time.  I have always enjoyed being active but never was a dancer, let alone an exerciser, until I turned 30 and discovered Tae Bo and finally saw how exercise can not only help physical fitness, but mental health as well, as my heaviness created a vicious cycle for me with depression also.  Moving to LG 10 years ago, I joined the gym and I discovered running (3 half-marathons!), spinning, and multiple other group exercise classes, and constantly was trying to find something to challenge myself to create real change in my body and then TADA-   The magic of Ms. Olivia and her FANTASTIC classes and I was addicted to Zumba!  Now I am so excited to be able to share my health/fitness journey with other people that may identify with me.  As the mother of two awesome young men (Nick - 23 and Ben - 18), I hope to be able to get ?the other half? also excited about what this amazing class can do for their personal health and you will see me demonstrating a little more masculine type of dance.

My other main passion is being an independent insurance & investment advisor, along with my husband, at Walker & Associates, with offices in LG and Hermiston.  We consider ourselves so blessed to be able to work with great people around the Pacific NW, providing advice and planning services for retirement, and I would be happy to provide a free consultation for any of you great Z. students.

 I also enjoy volunteering with the Soroptimist LG group of great women, gardening, my 2 sweet dogs, and living in this fantastic little corner of the world.  I am grateful to Liv for the opportunity to share myself with all of you and look forward to continuing to ?sweat & smile?!- ZUMBA LOVE, Melinda.


Lisa Gorham

Liv's Comments: "YES!!!" The word is symbolic of Lisa Gorham! She is positive, optimistic with a can-do attitude to go with her great dimply smile.Everything is possible and the sky is the limit when it comes to Lisa! I started to notice this lovely energetic woman my presence quite a while ago and was fascinated as her already overflowing energy increased even as her body was shrinking (what a weight loss journey she has been on!)! She is a positive inspiration to everyone who knows and knows of her. 



Photo By Angela Gorham

Lisa Gorham --

Zumba has changed my life!  I have always been an active person who enjoyed exercise but I have never LOVED any kind of organized, group exercise until now.  Zumba combines my need for regular exercise with my passion for dance.  Nothing feels better to me than letting loose on the dance floor and that?s exactly what we do at Zumba! 

 In addition to being a wonderful release for me, Zumba has helped me shed an incredible amount of weight.  In 2009, after struggling with Thyroid Disease for many years, I started a long weight loss journey and I am now literally half the person I used to be-it feels fantastic!  I am a living example of what Zumba can do to reshape your life and your body. 

People ask me all the time if I ever thought I would be teaching an exercise class and if I answer truthfully I would have to say ?Yes, absolutely?!  Instructing has been a goal of mine for many years and it feels great to check it off my ?bucket list?.  Some people want to go sky diving, I want to teach Zumba!  

One of the best things about our classes is the fun-filled party atmosphere that allows you to lose yourself in the music and not feel self-conscious.  With the lights down low and the music playing it?s the perfect opportunity to just ?let go and dance?.  I firmly believe that every person needs something that makes them feel alive and joyful and Zumba fills that need for me and so many others.   I have made some great friends through Zumba and would love to make some more?






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