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Changing Your Physique

Posted by Olivia Westenskow on March 20, 2014 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (8)

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." 
~ Albert Einstein

One of the most common questions I get is how a person can change their 
physique. People want to lose inches in certain places, lose fat, add
muscle, 'get a sixpack' and/or get 'ripped'. These can all be positive changes to achieve, 
but sometimes they can also stem from an unhealthy and unhappy fixation on fitness ideals.
I want to share some information and articles that will hopefully help  inspire you and perhaps 
even help you work through and evaluate some body dysmorphic ideas that you may have.

Genetics: Although it should NEVER be used as an excuse, there is truth
to the fact a person's genetics does play a role in our physique. Some
people literally do not have to work as hard as others to establish
and maintain a leaner, more chisled physique. For many of us (I include
myself) we are not as genetically blessed and have to figure out how
to maximize our genetic potential. I am constantly amazed that my husband whose diet
includes things I rarely treat myself to (ice cream, soda, and fast food) to name a few, 
still has a pretty admirable manly build. If I were to eat his same diet, my figure would 
be very round. My husband has been blessed with some pretty incredible genetics! Here 
are some facts about my personal genetics and why I have chosen to live in a more health 
focused way: not one but BOTH sides of my family have histories of heart disease, cancer, 
and diebetes. On one side of my family I also have a history of depression. These are all 
great motivating factors for me to make exercise a regular part of my life. What I am trying to 
say is that whether you are gentically gifted or not when it comes to your fitness ideal, 
we are responsible for achieving (or not) our unique (key word!)  genetic physical potential.

Nutrition: I read an article the other day where the author said that 
your six pack (seems to be a world obsession with this)is actually made
in your kitchen. In other words, the food you are using to fuel your
body plays a huge role in what your body composition looks like. If
you are frequently eating foods high in the glycemic index (simple 
carbs like white flour products, skim milk--most processed foods etc)
you are giving your body a lot of food that if not burned quickly 
as energy will turn into fat stores. The quick spike in  energy level will be followed by a 
quickdrop in energy which will make you want to reach for something to give
you a quick jolt of another simple carbohydrate. It's a vicious cycle.

About Carbs: I do want to say something about carbohydrates here. There is
quite the trend right now of 'cutting carbs' out of diets.  What people
need to understand is that carbs are an essential part of a healthy diet.
Carbohydrates should make up a 55-75% of your diet factoring in your age,
 (gender, activity level etc.) However, even at the low end of the scale,
that means more than half your diet should come from carboydrates. Here
is a palatable article that illustrates 'good' and 'bad' carbs.

Happiness: Most of the time we want a change in our life it is because 
we believe that change will make us happier. One of the most important 
things we can do is to ask ourselves, "How will ____ make me happier?" 
Find out what your true motivation is. Evaluate the health of your
desire to change with yourself (if you can do it honestly) or talk to
a friend whom you know has your best interest at heart. Sometimes we 
desire a change because we truly know it is in our best interest (ie:
I want to start exercising at least 5 times a week). However, there 
are other times when that same goal may come from an unhealthy place like
a fixation with extreme physiques. When we make changes with an 
unhealthy hyper-fixed focus, it does not bring us to a truly happy state
of being but rather an anxious, fearful, and perhaps even depressed  or angry

Ultimately, we do have the ability to achieve change in our bodies. Here
are some real ways you can change your physique--and even your mind:
1. Exercise: Find something you love to do...and combine it with 
exercise! If you love being social, join an active social group (roller
derby, group fitness classes, triathalong teams, biking groups, etc.) 
Or go on a solitary walk with your cell phone and catch up with your 
friends and'llhave to do most of the listening this way 
(cause you will be working hard) which we all need more of right?
 If you love music, make an inspiring playlist. If you love competition
sign youself up for an event (marathon, Mud Runs, obstacle courses) or
join a sports team. There are so many ways to exercise. Just move your
2. Eat Cleaner: You fuel your body in a way that reflect your goals and
 beliefs about yourself. If your eating is not in line with both of those
things, figure out what you need to do to change it. Notice, I said eat 
cleaner....make some changes. You don't have to do a complete overhaul on 
day one (unless you are one of those all- in or all-out personalities) but make healthy
changes one by one. Here is a great place to start: Don't buy junk . :)
3. Work Hard: Whether you feel like working out is a chore or your fun-time, do it
well. Be effective. When I teach I often tell people, you can fake (this exercise) or 
really put the effort into it, it's your choice. There is a common myth that you have to 
workout at least an hour to effect your body. This is not true. Click on the Link above and 
get inspired by one my favorite fitness inspirations who (although she is gentically very 
blessed) touts her 15-20 min workouts as a realistic (yet super challenging) way to really 
change your body and your health. Challenge yourself--if you are never challenging yourself 
in your exercise, you will not change. No matter how you choose to work your body do it well and 
do it often. 
4.Live it--Love it: This is the enduarance factor. You have to stick with your new healthy lifestyle
for at least 4-6 weeks to visibly begin to see the changes yourself.  I read a comic that made me
laugh a little about resolutions, it said, " I have a great business plan, I will make a Gym 
called Resolutions. It will be a Gym for the first two weeks of the year and a bar for the rest 
of the year." Make sustainable changes at a sustainable rate. This will be different from person
to person, but we can not expect to truly experience lasting change (and happiness) by binge
 dieting and binge workouts. I have watched people I love and care about do both these things
and the outcome is the same, an eventual fall off the wagon (we can't maintain extremes)
 usually followed by beating themself up. If you want a sustainable lasting change
in your health (and body) make realistic (to you) changes that you can keep long term.

So this is how you can change your body. There is no magic powder, pill or 
spray. There isn't just one exercise (or exercise genre)  that will magically transform your body.
There is your knowledge and willpower and as you strengthen those things, you will find 
that you have all you need.

I started with a quote and I'm going to end with one too:

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” Muhammad Ali

(I hope you enjoy the many articles I embedded in my blog piece. Feel
free to contact me if you have any questions about what I wrote here
and thanks for reading!  Liv)

Find the Joy Outcome

Posted by Olivia Westenskow on March 20, 2014 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Thank you to all the very many of you who participated in the Find the joy Fundraiser for Verda Lilly. First, I was touched and impressed by the many of you who participated in teh Flashmon on February 15th. Here is a youtube link so you can see it:

Through the support of the community we  were able to raise over $1600 for Verda. She is so grateful and wanted to let you know how much this means to her and her family. Thank you!

"Find the Joy" Verda Lilly Benefit

Posted by Olivia Westenskow on February 4, 2014 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Liv Fit is putting on a fundraiser for Verda Lilly, a local woman (and Liv Fit student) who is battling cancer. We have put together an awesome schedule of events and would love for you to participate in any or all of the following events. 100% of funds raised will go to Verda Lilly. To donate online go to

Here is what you can pariticipate in:

February 15th 10AM at the Maridell Center FREE Zumba class/practice for 'Shake Flashmob" (click HERE for the choregraphy on youtube)

February 15th 2PM at Grocery Outlet Flashmob (if you can't make it to pracice but know the choreogrpahy--just jump in an join the dance at random--wear regular clothes)

February 17-19 (Class by Donations) All Liv Fit classes open to the public in exchange for donations of any size. Most classes are at the Art Center (1006 Penn Ave). The 5:30PM Zumba class is at the Maridell Center (1124 Washington Ave)

Classes February 17:  8:30AM Zumba at Art Center

                                          4:10PM Zumba Gold at the Art Center

                                          5:10PM Barre-lates at the Art Center

Classes February 18:  6AM Pilates at the Art Center

                                          4:10PM YoPi at the Art Center

                                          5:30PM Zumba at the Maridell Center

Classes February 19:  8:30AM Yoga Refresh at the Art Center

                                          4:10PM Zumba Gold at the Art Center

                                          5:10PM YoPi at the Art Center

Feburary 20th Find the Joy Black Light  Dance Party!

                                     5:30-7PM Maridell Center (Donations)

*For class descriptions click on 'calendar'  then click on the individual classes you want to try.

Come share your energy and love by taking part in as many of these awesome events as possible. You will be taking part in a wonderful cause. Thank you!



NEW Kids Classes (Tandem with Adult Fitness)

Posted by Olivia Westenskow on September 21, 2013 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (0)

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Kids Art Classes

Nursery Art Wed/Fri 8:30AM

 Age 1+

This class will have a nursery feel for little tots/preschoolers who want to play with toys, play games, sing songs and do a short craft project. 1-hr class

(*During Adult Zumba class held upstairs)


Little Creations Art Mon-Thur 4:10 PM Ages 1-8 yrs

Kids will create  seasonal Art Crafts along with some other fun educational activities. Story time and play/creative time will be offered each class period too.

1-hr class

 (*During  Zumba Gold (Beginner) and YoPi classes)

$15 for 4 classes or

$5 to Drop-In

Register/Sign Up in class

*Fitness/Art Collaboration:

Classes are a collaboration with Liv Fit LLC and run during adult fitness classes, which are held upstairs from the children’s Art Classes. Adult/Child combo prices available for savings.

Visit: for more info

Classes held at Art Center

 1006 Penn Ave.

Questions: Call Ranee 786-2343

LivFit/Mountain Valley Fitness Alliance

Posted by Olivia Westenskow on August 26, 2013 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (1)

I have some exciting news--please share it!:  Liv Fit LLC has signed on with Mountain Valley Fitness and Health (MVFH) as an independent contractor! The contract is signed through the end of Spring 2014 and may be renewed if both companies feel it is a benefit.

Why:  Because we live in smalll town this innovative way of combining a state of the art  gym (with a limited group fitness space) with top quality professional private fitness classes is an ideal union. As the Liv Fit owner I recognizer that for many people financially it makes sense to only be part of one fitness company--however when asked to choose between their favorite professional private fitness classes and a handsome gym facility with all the amenities they can attend whenever they need in their own time frame---it's sometimes hard to have to choose one or the other. This helped me to create the concept of an 'Underground Fitness' alliance as hopefully a win-win-win all the way around!

ONE GREAT BENEFIT: Logistically this creates some great options! MVFH is located closer to the Island City side of town and Liv Fit classes are in downtown La Grande--so being able to workout where it is logistically most convenient at the moment provides some great benefit!

What this means for you MVFH Members: If you are a member of MVFH you now will be able to attend the Liv Fit classes for free that MVFH have chosen to invest in for now as their new Underground Fitness Schedule. Please support this alliance if you hope to see it continue by telling other members and inviting them to the Liv Fit classes! If a Liv Fit class you love is not on the Underground Fitness schedule--let MVFH know and hopefully (if all goes well and serves both companies as we hope!) the class(es) you want added to the Underground schedule will be added soon! *If you are not a member but would consider buying a gym membership with MVFH if your Liv Fit classes were part of the schedule--call them and let them know!

***IMPORTANT*** (Please read)If you will now be able to stop buying Liv Fit class packages because the classes you love are part of the MVFH fitness schedule--please make me aware so that I can make MVFH aware. This alliance will continue only if there is mutual benefit to both companies and tracking this kind of 'client sharing' will help us both to know if the investment is worth continuing.

Anticipated Questions:
Q: What is the 'Underground Fitness' alliance? Because MVFH has a limited group fitness space, it is not always able to offer as many or the kinds of classes that are wanted. Liv Fit will be opening a selected few classes to MVFH members. The classes will be Liv Fit classes in the regular Liv Fit locations--but MVFH members will simply be able to have access to these private classes for free as part of their gym membership.
Q: Which classes are included on the Underground Schedule?
Right nowZumba Gold (4pm Mon/Wed),Zumba (5:30 PM Tues/Thurs), Barre-lates (5:10PM Mon), YoPi (5:10PM Wed) Cross HIIT (Friday 4PM) and Yoga Refresh (Fri 4:30PM )are on the schedule to be available for free to MVFH members.
Q: Where will the classes be held?: All classes except Zumba  are at the Art Center. Zumba (5:30PM) is at the Maridell Center (1124 Washington Ave).
Q: Since I can attend my classes for free (as a MVFH member) what should I do with my package? If this is your scenario--you can either give or sell your package to friend or family member (let me know if you do either of these things). OR simply use the classes for Liv Fit classes that are not yet on the Underground Fitness Schedule.
Q: How will Liv Fit know who is from MVFH? Every MVFH member will need to bring and show the MVFH membership card. Once I get to know you, you will not have to show me your card but you will still be need to always sign in. All MVFH members will be asked to sign in on a MVFH sign-in sheet to the Liv Fit classes. This will help MVFH track and see how useful this alliance is.
Q: Should I join MVFH-- would it hurt Liv Fit?
MVFH offers a great gym as well as some group fitness classes (now including Liv Fit's popular Zumba Gold and Zumba classes). Your joining MVFH won't hurt Liv Fit if you plan to continue with Liv Fit classes, Liv Fit's alliance with MVFH will only strengthen both companies as the investment into the alliance will grow and be based on both companies receiving benefit--while more optimally benefiting it's members/students. If you join MVFH and part of your plan is to continue to attend Liv Fit classes as part of the free Underground Fitness project please let me (and MVFH) know for tracking purposes!

Please email me if you are a member of MVFH and will no longer need to buy class packages--or if you have any questions.

Free Community Event September 7th!

Posted by Olivia Westenskow on August 23, 2013 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Fitness Pregnancy Notes--After the Fact

Posted by Olivia Westenskow on July 30, 2012 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (2)

Looking Back

So now that I am not pregnant any longer it has been great to look back over the experience. What am I loving that I did and what would I go back and do differently? I wanted to share my thoughts as I know I have and will have people working out with me who are/will be expecting a little one too.

Firstly, I am happy to report that I was blessed with a new little boy, Dallin George Westenskow July 11, 2012. He weight 7 lb 9oz a nice healthy weight and is in every respect the picture of health.

As I started out on this pregnancy journey I knew that I would be working out an unsual amount of hours for the average pregnant person.  I had worked out with my previous two pregnancies which resulted in my handsome older sons, but only about 3-4 hours per week on average, at low to moderate levels of intensity. Note that my pregnancies were healthy textbook pregnancies in most ways so there was not a lot to be concerned about. Women with high risk pregnancies or other risky conditions, may not be able to be so physically active during their pregnancies. It is ALWAYS a good idea to talk to your doctor (or a few) to see what they would recommend as far as your fitness goes.

As a much more active person now, I did some research to see what I was heading into as a 'pregnant athlete' and what I would need to expect in terms of my business (how long could I teach etc...). I found that during the first trimester many women actually expereince an increase in strength and ability during athletic workouts due to hormone levels that almost mimic steroid effects. Aside from periodic nausea and heartburn (which I would get even just drinking water!) I was able to maintain my high levels of energy in my classes.  After about 13 weeks the nausea and heartburn went away for the most part and the lovely second trimester began.

The second trimester was the best in terms of physical activity but I was struggling with emotional and mental stress and had bouts of negative feelings which were hard for me to cope with but the daily workout with my classes always evened out my spirits and I was SO grateful for that. I noticed that on the weekends when I wasn't working out and was recovering was when my mood was the most difficult to manage. I cried and became upset more easily then. I was carefully monitoring how I felt physically and was surprised how good and capable I felt even through the end of the second trimester. I began to gain more weight in my second trimester as is typical. I never looked at the scale though and would always be weighed backwards so I would not become stressed or fixated on my increasing weight. I told the nurse only to talk to me about my weight gain if it became problematic. She agreed and so I have no idea how much I gained but felt healthy and able to be active for so long into my pregnancy that I didn't worry. My diet while so active and pregnant was full of nutrient dense foods (whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables) although I also was prone to the indulgence in not so wholesome foods here and there. I just tried to be careful with that. ;)

The third trimester started out with me feeling perky enough and the emotional roller coaster was much mellower. I still jumped around in Zumba and did my pilates floor work (after researching effect of short term back lying during third trimester). By week 31 the heaviness began taking a toll on my back and I was taking tylenol before my two high impact zumba classes each week as I was feeling some major strain in my lower back and with my sciatic nerves. I was still in training mode for my subs, so just quitting wasn't an option. I managed my pain with massage and occasional extra strength tylenol. By week 34 I knew I had to say goodbye to my YoPi classes as the ligaments in my legs and hips were so softened that I could not sweep my leg in a circle without some major discomfort. I swallowed my pride and handed over my classes to my sub (Brittney) as I felt like the pain was outweighing any good from that particular workout.

In the end I learned that we are all very indvidual in our pregnancies. My activity level during my pregnancy worked for me--but it was difficult and may not be even close to ok for someone else. I also frequently honestly said that if it hadn't been my job to be so physically active, I woudn't have worked out so much--cause it was HARD to do 11 hours a week of classes! However, I also loved experiencing the miracle of what a woman's body is capable of during pregnancy. I did a lot of reseach on my own and talked to health professionals through out, but I realized that a lot of the information about exercise for pregnant women is really only for sedentary or moderatly active women. If you are a very atheletic person and become pregnant, do some research for pregnant athletes as the information available for that, has a lot of differences than the information for the average pregnany woman.

Things I learned during my pregnancy to keep my pregnant workouts good:

  • Always go to the bathroom before working out--ALWAYS! :)
  • Always eat before working out--I loved raw almonds and greek yogurt as pre-workout fuel--your performance will be much better and you won't feel sick with hunger.
  • STAY HYDRATED! You may worry that all that water will just make you have to rush to the bathroom (and it may) but more likely you are losing a lot of water through your sweat and need to keep hydrated so your body can efficiently stay cool and keep your little ones heat at safe levels.
  • You  CAN workout at intense levels as long as you are doing activity you have done long before conceiving and as long as your internal (rectal) temperature doesn't exceed 102 degree F. If your body heats more you risk damage to your baby.
  • Be careful with your stretching and Pilates work after week 32--as relaxin will make your pelvic ligaments become loose and you risk pain or maybe even injury to your own body.
  • Try to gain weight gradually and if you are eating cleanly and you are working out, don't worry about the extra pounds. They are necessary and  WILL come off.

How my  workouts felt during my pregnancy:

Zumba: I LOVE to dance. Just dancing with everyone made me so happy even when my hormones made things all crazy for me emotionally. The high impact Zumba class gave me a healthy oulet to physically 'vent' emotion with my jumping and stomping. In my thir trimester of pregnancy my lower back and sciatic nerves were acting up a lot. If you don't have pain you might continue Zumba, but if you do have pain, either take out the high impact (stop jumping) and/or try out Zumba Gold. If I had been just a student in the class and not the instructor, I would have quit jumping once back got inflamed (between  28-30 weeks)

Zumba Gold: Zumba Gold was great--could have taught that class until the very end of the pregnancy. Low impact movement was perfect and I still got my sweat on. Definately a great class for the pregnant Zumba lover!

Kettlebell: I really fell in LOVE with Kettlebell while I was pregnant! Not only did it help me build up strong supportive muscles to support my growing belly, but it actually felt good to do! I think the weight of the kettlebell and the belly worked together, making it my most comfortable (although a major calorie burning!) workout. Defnately a great workout to do while pregnant and it is pretty much a no-impact class, yet your heart rate is challenged and you are building great lean muscle in the process. My core was kept incredibly strong even after I had to quit my YoPi class. I LOVE kettlebell!

YoPi:  YoPi is like one of my babies. It was one of the first classes I have ever created so I felt very attached to it and it was hard to learn that of all my classes, that was the one I had to give up soonest. It was surprising as I thought it would be the one that would be easiest to do til the end.  Through most of my pregnancy it was great! The increased flexibility from the increased relaxin in my body was fun to (carefully) play with during my classes. My core was kept strong and I was amazed after Dallin was born how strong my abs still felt. The extra weight in my body did my more stress in my wrists, when I was in plank positions and rolling like a ball and boat pose really bothered my tailbone in the end. Around week 34 the ligament in my hips were so loose that I could not support sweeping leg movements without feeling intense pain---eventually it even bacame impossible. The back lying can be a concern is done for long periods of time. The weight of belly can put pressure on the vena cava, which decreases oxygen flow to the baby. I researched and found it was safe to lay on my back for short amounts of time  so I taught the class going from a back lying postion to a sitting position and going back and forth so I was never on my back for longer then  about 2 minutes. Stomach lying become impossible eventually, but there are other exercises that can be done to keep the back strong. I also found I could do some stomach lying exercises (heel beats) if I was up in a half cobra postion so my stomach wasn't squished. I think YoPi is a great class for as long as the person feels good in the class and with modifciations.

Yoga Refresh: I created this class because I knew once I had to give up YoPi that I would especially miss the yoga and stretching--which still felt good even at the end of my pregnancy. Plus I had a lot of people ask me if I would ever do a class without the pilates--as some people had phycial limitation that made pilates not a good fit for them. So I started Yoga Refresh. I called it that because I wanted to make it clear that although we practice flow yoga, the focus is more to stretch and relax the body. I LOVE this new class format too. I literally would walk away with a similar feeling to the one I get from getting a massage. This is a class that you could do through the end of a pregnancy--doing the shown modifications for when your belly is bigger. Also the breathing technique in both Yoga and Pilates helps when you begin labor. Great way to practice deep, calming breaths!

These are all the main classes I did frequently while pregnant. If you are pregnant you might have different experiences. Talk to me and share. I am learning about more and more expecting moms in my classes lately. If I know an expectant mom is my class (esp YoPi or Yoga) I will take care to show modifications for pregnant people and will keep the flow of the floor poses, exercises safe for mom and baby. Congratulations and keep moving! :)

This is a lot of info--and I will add and edit as I can, but wanted some notes. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.

Best and Worst Part of Classes

Posted by Olivia Westenskow on August 31, 2011 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (1)

I LOVE people. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not just saying that. I love meeting new people and getting to know the different nuances that make people so unique. It's one of the very best parts of my business. I meet so many new people all the time, from all walks of life and with all kinds of histories. I feel richly blessed to have that.  The worst part is that eventually people move on, going on to grad school, to new jobs, new phase of life, leaving La Grande etc. I am trying ot have more of a Zen attitude about it, and just be grateful that I get to cross paths with you all at least for a time. So just wanted to give a shout out to people who have left La Grande, but made an impact on me, that I remember fondly from my Liv Fit classes. These are just off the top of my head. I'll be adding to the list as I think about it.....

Tiffany Foy- A dedicated dental student who loved YoPi so much she probably is responsible for a large part of my first few months attendance as she brought friends with her. Thanks for believing in me in the beginning there!

Deborah Koller - Another of the dental students who impressed me with her sacrifice as she and her husband juggled school between here and Portland.

Dan Lees - One of the first men to give YoPi a chance. His work moved him out of state, but his willingness and openess to try everything was inspiring.

Anda Yangson - Gorgeous talented doctor who graced us with her presence in Zumba and YoPi for almost a year before getting a new job in the valley. Witty and fun spirited---miss ya!

Teresa ORoark - One of the first 'young' people who took my Zumba class. Stayed until grad school called her across the country

Clair Clark - Another 'young' one who rocked my classes. Loved having her in the Express classes where she was front and center, helping people follow the choreography.

Carlee Novak - This blonde spunky girl brought all kinds of bold fun energy to class. A former gymnast, she took on everything and pushed herself to her limits. Loved watching her move!

Carl Thomas - Very short stint with us before moving to a new job But in that short great time, he reminded all of us that men can move! He brought the greatest energy to class everytime. Miss the singing and whooping esepcially.

Gina Galavig - One of the 'young; women who helped get Zumba energized. Loved when she and Carl were both in attendance. They were hilarious.

Fune Tautala- Another fun-loving man who could shake it with the best of em. Wish he had found us sooner--but we wish him luck in his acting/dancing work in Seattle!

Atsuko Kikugawa - One of the students I met during my time teaching classes at EOU. She joined my community classes, attending faithfully every week. Such a gentle, gracious calm energy to have in YoPi. Finally getting to go home to Japan after five years in the USA.

Alyssa Garro - Leaving on September 9th for a new job opportunity. Beautifully talented with great dimples when she smiled. Totally gonna miss ya!

Painful Lesson

Posted by Olivia Westenskow on August 1, 2011 at 9:57 PM Comments comments (0)

So in case you see me limping around or not quite as jumpy in Zumba let me tell you something. When your feet (or knees) start to tell you that you need new shoes, listen to them! I have needed to get some new shoes for couple months, but as a natural procrastinator I didn't make it a priority and today I found out that I have tibular sesamoiditis. Dr Stacy Clark (amazing woman that she is) gently reminded me that I needed to wear appropriate footwear, esepcially with the work I do. 

The lesson I'm learning is quite painful, but since there is nothing to be done I just have to let it heal as it can. I will be trying to be smart in my classes, and luckily I have some amazing students who are willing to demonstrate movement. I have orderded new shoes and hope this is lesson enough for me to remember not to take my body for granted. Wanted to pass on the message to all you too! Our bodies do amazing things for us every day--respect them! ;)

Making it All Fit

Posted by Olivia Westenskow on July 29, 2011 at 1:47 PM Comments comments (3)

I'm a mom and my oldest son is starting school this year. I am realizing how fleeting the time is that my kids will be little and so I am trying to reshape my schedule to better fit them as school starts. The hardest thing is coming home late. I would like to eventually phase out my 6:30PM class time and so I am interested in offering a lunctime YoPi class (12:10 to allow for driving from work).  It does look like I will be adding the Kettlebell Class to the fall schedule, so that will be a 30 minute class before a Zumba class (any preferences on whether it' s before Zumba Gold of Zumba?). I know I can't please everyone, but I do like to get the vibe on changes I hope to make.  

My goal is to be wise in all things---seems to be a lifetime learning process. :/