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Quotes The gal in back of me this morning, told me I have 'amazing balance'. What I wanted you to know is that before I started Zumba exercising, my balance was poor, becoming less steady each year, thanks to you and Zumba, my balance (for my age) is great. I used to be unable to do the turn around moves without feeling dizzy,now there is no problem. Zumba is truly a wonderful exercise. Music with wonderful beat, great dance steps and a wonderful instructor. Thanks! Quotes
I have 'amazing balance'.

Quotes I've been out of town visiting family for the past two weeks and I can't wait to get back to your classes! I've tried three different zumba classes in the town I'm visiting and they don't even come close. You have such wonderful energy and it shows through when you look around and see everyone in class really enjoying themselves...Thanks for great classes! Looking forward to learning more this fall. Quotes
Erika May
I Can't Wait to Get HOME!

Quotes This is by far the best zumba class I have ever been to and I have been to my fair share in the past three years! Olivia is a wonderful instructor, always peppy, always happy:) hence, why there is so many people that attend her classes! Thank you! Quotes
Best class ever!

Quotes "I really like the option of taking a variety of classes" "The Instructor's positive and accepting attitudes" "Warm and welcoming atmosphere" "Classes are fun and beneficial for me" Quotes
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What Students Love about Liv Fit Classes

Quotes "I love Olivia! She is why I go to class. She shines." "Liv is awesome and more than accomodating." "Olivia's a blast!" Quotes
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What Liv Fit Students are saying about Olivia

Quotes Again, Liv convinced me to go waaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone to actually do the crazy things we do in class OUT IN PUBLIC! Was I crazy? YES, and it was an absolute blast! So glad I did it but sorry that I didn't feel like having my pic taken... I'm shy :))) So proud of all the ladies who were brave spirits! Quotes
Zumba demo

Quotes I used to love Jazzercise and have been looking for a dance/exercise class for many years and WOW, now I have Olivia's, Zumba class to look forward to each week. Love the instructor, the music and how strong it's made my body. At 70 years of age, I feel terrific! Thanks Olivia!!!! Quotes
satisfied customer

Quotes I am still in Italy but will be back in United States soon. I missed your classes a lot! I attended one Zumba's class at the beach but your classes are the best! Your classes are so much fun because I do not feel to be wrong, I just enjoy it! Quotes
Veronica Kleng

Quotes As a performer/dancer I am constantly looking for new ways to stay in shape while doing what I love! Dancing! Olivia and the liv fit program is amazing. I've only done the Zumba class but I can tell you that Olivia makes you feel like a very important part of the class. With her high energy and great attitude, it's extremely easy to have a great time while getting into shape. I am forever grateful to Olivia for showing me this side of dancing. I love your class Liv and I miss it already! Hope to dance with you again soon!! :) Quotes
Fune Tautala
Professinal actor/singer/dancer Seattle WA

Quotes I have tried plenty of Zumba, dance and cardio classes in different places and nothing compares to Olivia's classes. Being a graduate student from 8-5 everyday with even MORE hours of homework afterward, if I didn't have YoPi and Zumba to go to twice a week, I don't think I'd still be alive. I'm ADDICTED and wish we could do it every day of the week! Quotes
Jessie Glover
LIV for Zumba & YoPi