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Quotes Man! I luv Liv Fit Zumba! I'm an extremely active guy who is a dance fanatic and the energy in Liv's class is great!! I didn't know how a class with mostly women enrolled would receive me, but the ladies are great and we "GET DOWN!!!" Zumba has my core, back and legs so strong that playing ball, golf and running seem that much easier (seriously!) Of course, working out with a bunch of beautiful women isn't too bad either ;-) Quotes
Carl Thomas
Director of Admissions, OIT

Quotes I have been taking Yopi for several months now. I have had a wonderful experience. I am a Nail Technician and suffer from wrist, neck and back problems. I have found that Yopi has strengthend all of these areas and more. I have stronger hips and knees now also since I have been doing this class. I thought it was going to be hard on those joints the first few classes but as I got stronger it got easier. I no longer have to take a muscle relaxer for my neck so thank you Olivia! Quotes
Crystal Davis

Quotes YoPi is an amazing class! As a dental hygiene student this is just what I needed. I guess you could say that it is what kept my sanity during school. I looked forward to this class every week and I don?t know what I would have done without it. The class allowed me to not think about the stress of being a student and I was able to just breathe! I believe that YoPi is a great class for both the beginner and the advanced. Even though I have been practicing yoga and pilates for a few years and I was still able to challenge myself in every class. I also believe that there are many benefits to this type of exercise. I strongly recommend that everyone try this class. I promise that you will be happy with what you get out of it! Tiffany :) Quotes
Tiffany Foy

Quotes What a blast! Who knew burning at least 600 calories (according to my heart rate monitor) could be so much fun. Not only is the choreography great, but the music is something I enjoy listening to when I am not in class. I have gone to 4 different Zumba instructors and Olivia's is the best by far. The choreography can be challenging at first, but Olivia makes it easy to pick up. Whether you are a beginner or you have had previous dance experience, this is something you shouldn't miss out on. I also enjoy the fact that no two days are exactly alike, the play-list changes so the workout doesn't get repetitive. Finding a class that can really get my heart rate up but also is enjoyable, is hard to find. I look forward to my Tuesdays and Thursdays with Olivia and the rest of the class. We all walk away sweaty but smiling and feeling incredible. Quotes

Quotes I can't help but smile the entire time I'm 'working out'! Olivia's Zumba class is a blast! Quotes
Chase Shira

Quotes Zumba is a great way to workout everyday and I don't ever dread it! Thanks to your amazing class and motivation you bring with you I am a pound away from reaching my goal of losing 34lbs! Thank you and all the great people who come and make Zumba fun! Quotes
Zumba (& Oliva) Believer!

Quotes I love the Zumba classes! They're the most fun I've had getting exercise since elementary school recess! Quotes
Courtney Parsons
EOU Student

Quotes You have no idea how much stress relief I get from your class and how glad I am that I found you! Quotes
Melinda Johnson

Quotes Zumba is an absolute blast. Excersice has never been so fun. Very effective too, works the whole body. Quotes