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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page is divided into 3 categories: General questions, Class Specific Questions and Class Package Questions. If your question is not answered here please submit your question on the 'Contact Us' page and someone will get back to you in less then 24 hours.

General Questions:

Q: Where can I find the music you use in class?

A: If you make a free Spotify account you can find all my class playlists by searching for livfit4life. Come check it out!

Q: Is the first class free?

A: No, but if you buy a class package your get one free class AFTER the purchase 

Q: Are there every any discount or promotions?

A: Yes--email [email protected] with a subject line: Please add to contacts to get the updates on discounts and class promos. 

Q: Can I bring my child to class with me?

A: If your child is 12 or older and you are willing to sign a consent form for them they may participate in any of the classes with you. If your child is younger than that they may sit and wait for you, but must be able to sit still (bringing a book or quiet device for entertainment would be best) for the whole class without disturbing the class. Children under the age of 5 are generally not able to do this and should be left with a family member or friend instead. Bringing multiple children is also not a good idea  as they tend to play or argue with each other disturbing everyone---especially mom. Thank you for asking!

Q: Should I wait to start a class at the beginning of the month?

A: No, our classes are designed to be experienced any time. Other than Zumba, the instructor will give specific instructions on how to modify exercises to make them beginner friendly or to make them more advanced. In Zumba the instructor uses hand signals to cue which are learned quickly--however memorizing movement may take 2-3 classes.

Q: What should I wear to class?

A: Wear clothes you can move and stretch in. For Zumba classes you can get crazy with some fun dance clothes or just wear your favorite sweats and t-shirt--be sure to wear supportive athletic shoes to Zumba, Zumba Gold and Cross HIIT. In Yoga Refresh, YoPi, PiYo and Barre-lates you can wear flip flops to class as we will do the class bare foot. 

Q: What do I need to bring to class?

A: You don't have to bring anything, but it's a really good idea to bring a water bottle, sweat towel (if you tend to sweat a lot), and if you are taking anything other than Zumba, bring a yoga or pilates mat if you have one.  If you are a college student, bring your student ID to your first class for a discount! 

Class Specific Questions:

Q: What is the difference between Zumba and Zumba Gold?

A: Zumba Gold is the low impact version of Zumba--we keep on foot on the floor at all times, whereas in Zumba there may be jumping included in the choreography.

Q: Can I do Zumba if I have never danced before?

A: Yes!  All kind of people do Zumba---those with zero dance experience and those with years of dance experience. Everyone is welcome to come and we always say as long as you are smiling and sweating, you are doing it right!

Q: Where can I find descriptions of the classes?

A: Click on 'Class Schedule' which will show a calendar--then click on a class you are interested in and you will be able to read the class description there.

Class Package Questions:

Q: Do I have to buy a package to attend classes with you?

A: No-- If you are not a member and do not want to commit to a class package you can just pay a drop-in fee of $5 each time you come.

Q: How do I track how many classes I have used?

A: We are in the process of getting some software in place for tracking purposes, until then, simply sign in and we will track your classes for you. 

Q: I bought a class package several months ago but got an email that it expired---why?

A: Class packages expire after so many months for a few reasons. The Liv Fit company is owned and operated privately and is kept affordable priced  but the only way it is able to continue to run in this manner is if fees are consistently and frequently collected to pay business overhead (rent, licensing, insurance, equipment, music etc) so this expiration date is put in place to encourage people to come frequently, use and consistently purchase classes to keep things running. Without an expiration date, many people would not be as motivated to come so regularly.

Q: Can I share my class package with my sister (spouse, friend etc.)

A: Yes! You can share your classes with anyone--just mark a class for the friend or family member and let the instructor know.

Q: I am not able to use up my classes before they expire, can I give them to a friend?

A: Yes--just let the instructor know and your friend will just need to fill out a registration form.

Q: I have not been able to use my classes like I had hoped, can I get a refund?

A: If you have not used your classes at all and you have purchased your classes less then 30 days from your request, you can get a full refund. If you have used any classes up or waited more than 30 days to request your refund Liv Fit will not refund you as funds are used quickly (rent, licenses etc.) . However, you can sell your package to a friend!

Q: I had an unexpected emergency come up and had to miss several weeks of classes, can I extend my expiration date?

A: Yes, just email the instructor  at [email protected] and explain the situation and she will extend your class package accordingly.

Q: I bought a class package several months ago and it's expired but I still have several classes left---can I reactivate my package?

A: Yes--for a $10 fee you can buy a month long extension.

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