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Kid's Classes

 Here is a list of Kid's Classes Liv Fit offers, scroll below for class descriptions. I look forward to being an enriching part of your children's life!


  • Toddler Time (Ages 18 mos-3) Wednesday at 10:20 AM at the Art Center
  • Zumba Kids Homeschool Group Thursday at 9:30 AM at the Art Center
  • Zumba Family Class on Saturday at 9 AM at the Diet Doc Studio (212 Fir St)

Scroll down for class descriptions and age limits


*Children's Classes are all $18 per month (for one class a week) or $5 to drop in. Children can also use tbeir parent's class package as long as it is a per class kind of package (in other words---a parent can't share an unlimited package). 

Winter 2016-17 Kids Classes

 Toddler Time :

Class Description: Toddler Time is a class for children (ages 1.5-3) to explore music with movement with classic children's songs and dances, as well as as guided creative dances and games. Parents and/or caregivers need to be in attendance to help their toddler to have the best experience. 

Toddler Time Class Time: Classes will be on Wednesdays from 10:20- 10:50 AM at the Art Center  

Zumba Kids Homeschool Group:  

Class Description: This class is a great way for kids to get their PE in for the day! They will learn dances, play interactive games and burn a lot of energy while having a great time with friends. Kid's can be dropped off for this class if they are 5+ If there are every enough kids, we can split the class into two separate age group (ages 3-6 group and ages 6-11). 

Zumba Kids Homeschool Group Class Time: Classes will be held on Thursday's from 9:30-10:05 AM at the Art Center (1006 Penn Ave).

Family Zumba: 

Class Description: This is a class for parents and kids to enjoy together! Formatted like a typical Zumba class, it offers a variety of kid friendly music and dances. Kids ages 4+ are welcome to attend and kids over the age of 10 can attend without a parents present as long as they want to be there and the parents sign a waiver for them. Younger kids do need more breaks (under the age of 8) and so parents need to monitor their child closely to make sure they are staying hydrated. Keep in mind that although the class welcome kids mature dance-loving younger kids it is a fast-paced class and is not catered toward the younger children demographic but was created with more of the 7-11 year olds in mind.  

Family Zumba Class Time:  Classes are held on Saturday from 9- 9:45 AM  at the Diet Doc (212 Fir St). 

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